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working smarterWorking smarter MUST be on the mind of every Lyft driver if he or she is to maximize their earning potential while minimizing costs and making the best use of time. When it comes to minimizing costs for those of us who rent the vehicles we use daily, eliminating that expense must be high on our priority list.

Fortunately we work for a company that gives us the opportunity to keep our cars for free by completing a certain number of rides per week. These minimum ride requirements vary from market to market. In my city (Los Angeles) my minimum ride requirement is 85 per week.

The moral to this story of the “working smarter and not harder” scenario is to know your area.

When I first looked at that number, I resigned myself to the fact that I would never be able to reach 85 rides in 7 days (considering the fact that I don’t work nights or weekends).

However I stumbled upon a little technique by accident that makes it very feasible for me to reach my weekly goal of 85 rides even working restricted hours as I do.

Working Smarter – Know your area

I live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I started out on this job thinking that I would hangout on the outskirts of LA and be satisfied with picking up single riders outside the city. But if you’re already a driver I’m sure you know by now that we have no way of knowing what part of the city we will end up in from day to day.

So as luck would have it I repeatedly found myself downtown LA and in the Hollywood area….and thank God I did! I discovered that there are certain areas in LA where Lift Line rides are rampant. A Lyft Line ride is where you pick up 2-3 passengers in a certain area who are all traveling in the same direction. The great thing about it for the driver is that each pick up is counted as 1 ride!

I received 3 Lyft Line calls today, each with 3 passengers. If these 3 calls were single stop calls I would have only been credited with 3 rides. But today these three calls resulted In 9 rides.

The moral to this story of the “working smarter and not harder” scenario is to know your area. If you find a honey hole where Lyft Line rides frequently are requested, spend more time in that area. Remember, one of your top priorities (if you’re driving a rental car) is to reach your minimum ride requirement. The length of your Lyft Line rides don’t matter. The money and tips you make from your Lyft Line rides don’t matter. All that matters is getting as many butts into the seats of your car as possible to fulfill your minimum ride requirement.

My new strategy is to head into the Lyft Line prone area of LA that I’ve recently discovered without any passengers (if I go online when I leave my house it’s possible that I might get stuck in my area all day which would undermine my LA strategy). Once situated in my desired area, then I’ll go online and wait for the morning rush.

After camping out in LA for the first 2 or 3 days of the week, I should be able to wind down on the 4th and 5th day of my week with the knowledge that the $206.00 per week that I pay for my rental car will be staying in my pocket and not going into the pocket of Hertz.

I’ll be sure to post follow up articles to this one to let you know how the strategy works out.

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