Rideshare addiction – Knowing when to call it a day

Rideshare addictionRideshare addiction is easy to fall into. What I mean by “rideshare addiction” is feeling the need to get those last few rides in before calling it a day. It’s the quest to end your day with that one last ride that you’ve conned yourself into thinking will end right next door to your final destination for the day. For you, rideshare addiction could also be feeling the need to go over and above your quota of rides for the day, week or month just because. Continue reading

Driver Challenge #3 – 85 Rides in 40 Hours for the Week of 12/05 – 12/11

driver challengeDriver Challenge #3 is to reach the required minimum of 85 rides this week within 40 hours in drivers mode. As I posted earlier, last week was successful from the standpoint of successfully reaching the required weekly minimum of 85 rides, but I needed 55+ hours in order to accomplish the task. Continue reading

Driver Challenge #2 – Earn a Free Car for the Week – 11/28 – 12/04

driver challengeDriver Challenge #2 is to cancel out my car rental fees by getting 85 rides in 1 week. Some of you may know that I use a Hertz rental car as a Lyft driver. It’s much more practical to me to rack up miles and wear and tear on a rental car than on my own personal vehicle.

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Driver Challenge #1: How fast can a new Driver reach the Bonus Requirement?

driver challengeDriver challenge #1 has to do with encouraging you to meet the ride requirements in order to get your cash bonus. These driver bonuses that Lyft offers are great, but just how feasible is it that you as a new driver will be able to reach the minimum ride requirement for the month? Continue reading

Working Smarter, not Harder – Know your area

working smarterWorking smarter MUST be on the mind of every Lyft driver if he or she is to maximize their earning potential while minimizing costs and making the best use of time. When it comes to minimizing costs for those of us who rent the vehicles we use daily, eliminating that expense must be high on our priority list. Continue reading

Charting your Course – Using the Filter Destination Feature

filter destinationThe Lyft Filter Destination feature is a great way to find riders that are going in the same direction you’re going in.

So it’s my first day on the job and I’m slowly meandering home and picking up a few rides along the way. I’m completely jazzed over how much I’ve made today, but at the same time I find myself hoping for that one last whale of a ride that will put me over the mental quota I had set for myself for the day. Continue reading

FREE Money – Lyft Driver Referral Bonus Program

free moneyFree money opportunities don’t come along very often. However, Lyft is offering new drivers a sign up bonus ranging anywhere from between $10.00 and $1,000.00! To qualify for the bonus, new drivers must complete a specified number of rides in a specified period of time. For instance, in my area drivers must complete 50 rides in 30 days. To give you an idea just how easy it is to complete 50 rides in 30 days, I worked 2.5 days this week and completed 30 rides.
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Lyft + Hertz = An Amazing Opportunity for Rideshare Drivers

LyftLyft has combined two of my favorite things…driving and technology. I’ve known about various rideshare opportunities for quite some time. Working for one of the leading rideshare companies has always appealed to me. But what stopped be from pursuing a career as a rideshare driver was the requirement to have a newer vehicle.
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