Rideshare addiction – Knowing when to call it a day

Rideshare addictionRideshare addiction is easy to fall into. What I mean by “rideshare addiction” is feeling the need to get those last few rides in before calling it a day. It’s the quest to end your day with that one last ride that you’ve conned yourself into thinking will end right next door to your final destination for the day. For you, rideshare addiction could also be feeling the need to go over and above your quota of rides for the day, week or month just because.

A funny thing happened to me the other day in Pasadena…

So yesterday I had a pretty full day. I had accomplished the amount of work I had hoped to and was slowly making my way home, picking up a few rides here and there along the way. It was about 5:15PM and since I live in the suburbs east of Los Angeles, I thought I was safe from getting any outrageously long rides simply by heading away from the red spots on my phone screen.

Rideshare addiction is the quest to end your day with that one last ride that you’ve conned yourself into thinking will end right next door to your final destination for the day.

Since this tactic has NEVER worked for me in the past I have no idea why I thought it would work for me on this occasion. Blame it on the rideshare addiction I was falling victim to I suppose. I know full well to cover myself by using the destination filter to only accept rides that are going my way, but I was determined to play the odds by hoping and praying that I wouldn’t get snagged into a ride that would cause me to regret my gamble.

Anyway, at about 5:20PM I accepted a ride in Pasadena. No big deal, as Pasadena was on my way home. As I waited for Charles to come out of the bank, I received 2 more additional rides whose pick up location was right down the street from my location. Great! I looked forward to ending my day on a positive note with these 3 passengers.

I dropped of Charles about 5 miles due south of his pick up point in San Gabriel. And when I clicked on the “drop off Charles” button and saw the next screen I almost fell out of my driver’s seat. THE COUPLE I PICKED UP DOWN THE STREET FROM CHARLES WAS GOING TO UCLA!

Okay so I know that most who read this may not know what the drive is like from San Gabriel to UCLA at 5:30PM. But just imagine the worst traffic situation you’ve ever encountered and then double it and you’ll have an idea of what the drive I had ahead of me looked like.

I had broken all of my self-imposed rules by accepting this ride on my way home. I hadn’t listened to my body by stopping to use the restroom an hour prior to this pick up so my bladder was screaming for relief. My fuel tank was on ¼ and here I was about to sit in bumper to bumper traffic for the next hour and a half heading in the exact opposite direction from my home.

Keep your rideshare sanity

So what’s the moral to the story here? The moral is to be aware of your rideshare addiction. Don’t allow it to control you. Sure your day may have begun slowly. But don’t allow the rideshare addiction to take control of your mind towards the end of the day when things begin to pick up.

Keep your sanity and understand that as tempting as it is to go outside of the parameters you may have set for yourself, other Lyft passengers will be ready and willing to ride with you tomorrow.

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