Lyft + Hertz = An Amazing Opportunity for Rideshare Drivers

LyftLyft has combined two of my favorite things…driving and technology. I’ve known about various rideshare opportunities for quite some time. Working for one of the leading rideshare companies has always appealed to me. But what stopped be from pursuing a career as a rideshare driver was the requirement to have a newer vehicle.

As a reward to those “go getters” out there, Lyft offers to waive the monthly rental car fee for it’s top producing drivers! That means FREE RENTAL CARS!

When I found out that Lyft had instituted a car rental program offered through Hertz, I was on board immediately. In my opinion there are many pros to renting a car to become a rideshare driver and only one con. These pros and cons are outlined below:

The Pros:

  • No upfront rental fees
  • Mileage is racked up on a rental car as opposed to your own personal vehicle
  • No maintenance worries
  • No break down concerns (if your rental breaks down, simply swap out that car for another)
  • No towing fees
  • No registration fees
  • The ability to use the rental car for your own personal use
  • The ability to offer your customers a nicer riding experience than you could with your older vehicle.

The Cons:

  • Weekly rental fees

Regarding the Weekly Rental fee

I currently rent a 2015 Nissan Altima through the Hertz / Lyft rental program. My rental fees are $208.00 per week. Now on face value I know that $208.00 per week (or $832.00 per month) sounds like a pretty steep expense to take on. However I was able to make enough on my very first day as a Lyft driver to pay the whole weeks rental fee! So basically, other than fuel, everything after the first day of the week was profit for me. The fact that there is so much money to be made and so many different ways to make it as a Lyft driver more than nullifies the $208.00 weekly rental payment.

But wait…..there’s more!

As a reward to those “go getters” out there, Lyft offers to waive the monthly rental car fee for it’s top producing drivers! That means FREE RENTAL CARS! All you have to do is complete the minimum ride requirements in your market. I rented my car out of the Pico Rivera office so the minimum ride requirement for me is 85 rides per week. A friend of mine rented her car out of the Costa Mesa office and her minimum ride requirement is only 65 rides per week. Be sure to check your individual area to find out what the minimum ride requirement is in your area.

Lyft plus Hertz equals profits for you!

My personal vehicle is a 2000 model which is far too old to qualify for use in most rideshare programs. But even if I had a newer vehicle that qualified, because of the pros and cons listed above I would still exercise the option to use a rental car as opposed to using my own vehicle as a Lyft driver.

Join the Lyft team

If you would like to become a Lyft driver, click HERE and complete the “Apply Now” section on the Lyft website. IMPORTANT: DON’T MISS OUT ON YOUR SIGN UP BONUS! To qualify for the sign up bonus you must  place the referral code “GREGORY37524” (if it hasn’t automatically been added) in the box underneath the phone number input box on your application.

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