Driver Ratings 101 – The Key to 5 Star Ratings

driver ratingsDriver ratings mean a lot to those of us in the rideshare industry. Many drivers supply their passengers with water, mints, gum, phone charging cords, and aux cords among other amenities while en route to their destinations. The main reason why drivers go to such an extent to keep their passengers happy is for one reason and one reason only. 5 star driver ratings. What your passengers think about the rideshare experience you provide them can make or break your rideshare business.

Making a positive impression on a passenger can be done by simply asking one question and making one statement.

Although drivers work hard to set a positive tone for the many brief encounters we have with our passengers on a daily basis, I believe making a positive impression on a passenger can be done without any of the above creature comfort items by simply asking one question and making one statement.

After making the proper introduction to your passenger, the statement that leads to the ultimate display of concern you have for your rider is, “How are we doing time wise? I will do everything in my power to get you to your destination in a safe and timely manner”.

5 Star Driver Ratings stem from caring for the Passenger

Let me ask you a couple of questions. If you as my driver offered me water, but showed no care or concern about me possibly missing my flight, do you think I would be inclined to give you a 5 star rating? If you made gum and mints available to me, but you didn’t seem to care about getting me to work on time, would I rave about your performance as a rideshare driver? The answer to both questions is probably no.

Let’s face it. Sometimes all of us as drivers have been put in positions where it was virtually impossible to please a passenger. It’s not our fault that we couldn’t double park and block traffic to pick up a passenger. Its not our fault that the passenger overslept and is now 30 minutes late for his flight.

I’m not dealing with the set of circumstances the passenger gives us to work with. I’m dealing with the appearance of care and concern for the passenger and his or her circumstances. To start off the journey letting the passenger know that your intent is to get them to their destination as quickly as possible and as safely as possible lets the passenger know that your main concern is the end result and not the niceties that are experienced along the way.

Please understand that I am in no way telling you not to offer your passengers water, gum and mints. What I’m saying is that we as drivers should never discount or overlook the most important things that we have to offer our passengers….safe and timely transportation to their destination and secondly, to make sure the passenger knows that we care.

Improved Driver Ratings

If you’re currently struggling with your driver ratings and you’re not sure what else you can do to change them, I invite you begin showing the passenger that you care about what time they need to get to their destination and that you pledge to get them there as quickly and as safely as possible.

Not only will your passenger feel that you’re trying to save them a buck or two, but they will be much more understanding when you find yourself stuck in traffic or in a situation of no fault of your own, that impinges upon the timely arrival of the passenger to his or her destination. Your driver ratings will directly reflect the amount of care and concern you have for your passengers.

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