Driver Challenge #3 – 85 Rides in 40 Hours for the Week of 12/05 – 12/11

driver challengeDriver Challenge #3 is to reach the required minimum of 85 rides this week within 40 hours in drivers mode. As I posted earlier, last week was successful from the standpoint of successfully reaching the required weekly minimum of 85 rides, but I needed 55+ hours in order to accomplish the task.

This week its all about working smarter, not harder…

This week I’ll be employing a few tactics that I learned from last week’s challenge to see if I can’t work smarter this week as opposed to working harder. As always, I’ll keep you posted on how things are going.

DateTime is Driver Mode# of Rides
12/0512 hours, 36 minutes27
12/060 hours, 39 minutes2

Join the Lyft team

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