Driver Challenge #2 – Earn a Free Car for the Week – 11/28 – 12/04

driver challengeDriver Challenge #2 is to cancel out my car rental fees by getting 85 rides in 1 week. Some of you may know that I use a Hertz rental car as a Lyft driver. It’s much more practical to me to rack up miles and wear and tear on a rental car than on my own personal vehicle.

I can’t go around preaching how easy it is to get 85 rides in a week if I’ve never done it myself…

But as with everything in life, nothing comes for free. The rental fee on my car is $202.00 per week! Fortunately for me/us, Lyft has provided an incentive whereby you can use the rental car free of charge provided you get 85 rides per week in the Los Angeles market.

The reason for this Driver Challenge

According to the numbers, I don’t think getting 85 rides in a week is a big deal. However, I can’t go around preaching how easy it is to get 85 rides in a week if I’ve never done it myself, thus the birth of this challenge. My plan of attack is to do a minimum of 20 rides on Monday thru Thursday. That leaves a balance of 5 which I can easily do on Friday. Since I purposely don’t work on the weekends, I know I’ll have to step up my game if I plan to meet this driver challenge. I’ll keep you posted on my daily stats here.

DateTime in Driver Mode# of Rides
Monday, Nov 2811 hours, 15 minutes19
Tuesday, Nov 296 hours, 0 minutes9
Wednesday, Nov 3011 hours, 48 minutes18
Thursday, Dec 110 hours, 54 minutes12
Friday, Dec 213 hours, 17 minutes21
Saturday, Dec 34 hours, 3 minutes6
The Totals56 hours, 16 minutes85 rides

My Week in Review

Well I’m please to say that I met the challenge of getting 85 rides in 1 week. My goal was to get the 85 in 5 days, but what threw a monkey wrench into my plan was that I had to go into the Hertz rental office twice on Tuesday to take care of issues regarding my car. For those of you who rent out of the Pico Rivera, CA office, you know for yourself that you’ll spend a minimum of 2 hours there per visit if you’re lucky. So with this 4 hour chunk of precious work time taken out of my week, I had to drive for 4 hours on Saturday to get the remaining 6 rides I needed to close the week with 85 rides.

My Take Away’s

Last week was grueling. *55+ hours is way more than I planned on working for the week. However, I learned some techniques and strategies that should reduce my hours worked while at the same time yield 85 rides next week as well. I smell another challenge on the horizon….

*NOTE: The time spent in “Driver Mode” is not an indicator of actual driving time. Time spent in driver mode indicates the total time you’re available as a driver including time spent waiting for calls.

Join the Lyft team

If you would like to become a Lyft driver, click HERE and complete the “Apply Now” section on the Lyft website. IMPORTANT: DON’T MISS OUT ON YOUR SIGN UP BONUS! To qualify for the sign up bonus you must  place the referral code “GREGORY37524” (if it hasn’t automatically been added) in the box underneath the phone number input box on your application.

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