Driver Challenge #1: How fast can a new Driver reach the Bonus Requirement?

driver challengeDriver challenge #1 has to do with encouraging you to meet the ride requirements in order to get your cash bonus. These driver bonuses that Lyft offers are great, but just how feasible is it that you as a new driver will be able to reach the minimum ride requirement for the month?

When I got started as a Lyft driver, I had no aspirations of working my head off. My main objective was to earn a little extra Christmas money. The fact that I had the opportunity to get a bonus for providing a certain amount of rides to customers within my first month was a plus to me.

I love to drive. I always have. I also like interacting with people. And of course, I like making money. So every aspect of the Lyft opportunity resonates with me.

In my city, the driver challenge was to provide 100 rides within 30 days. And given the fact that I wasn’t planning on working nights or weekends, pushing past that mark to get the bonus wasn’t something that I planned on accomplishing.

However, to my surprise I reached 100 rides on my 14th day as a Lyft driver (12 actual driving days). To say that reaching 100 rides was easy would be an understatement.

The Lyft Driver Bonus – A Driver Challenge that’s an easily obtainable goal

I love to drive. I always have. I also like interacting with people. And of course, I like making money. So every aspect of the Lyft opportunity resonates with me. I suppose that’s why I was totally taken aback when I realized that I had surpassed 100 rides so quickly.

To give you an idea of how easy it is to fulfill the driver bonus requirement, I’ve posted my driver history below. This history is not to guarantee that you will be able to meet your driver bonus requirement in the same amount of time that I did. I’m posting it here simply to show you that the driver bonus requirement that Lyft has in place for its drivers is easily attainable, particularly if you put your mind to it.

Note: The driving time statistic below only indicates the time that there were passengers in my vehicle. It does not account for time spent waiting for calls from Lyft.

DateDriving time Driving distanceNumber if rides
Nov 214 hours, 35 minutes78.6 miles13
Nov 201 hour, 2 minutes41.9 miles4
Nov 184 hours, 5 minutes47 miles12
Nov 172 hours, 2 minutes52 miles9
Nov 164 hours, 6 minutes137.4 miles13
Nov 152 hours, 35 minutes64.4 miles9
Nov 145 hours, 6 minutes141.6 miles8
Nov 130 hours, 43 minutes30.5 miles2
Nov 110 hours, 58 minutes26 miles5
Nov 104 hours, 7 minutes66.9 miles13
Nov 95 hours, 5 minutes155.6 miles11
Nov 80 hours, 28 minutes12.2 miles1
Totals35 hours854.1 miles100 rides

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If you would like to become a Lyft driver, click HERE and complete the “Apply Now” section on the Lyft website. IMPORTANT: DON’T MISS OUT ON YOUR SIGN UP BONUS! To qualify for the sign up bonus you must  place the referral code “GREGORY37524” (if it hasn’t automatically been added) in the box underneath the phone number input box on your application.

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